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“From prototype to a million pieces. You decide.”

-President David Chiocchi

Precision Metal Machining Experts

There are many companies that can machine a widget. Then there’s AMM.  AMM provides the results customers desire first and foremost through our people.  We are a company of machinist’s from the top down.

If you can dream it we can machine it.

Think Quality. We do.

AMM offers exceptional quality and exacting close tolerances.  Working four places to the right of the decimal place is an everyday occurrence at AMM and demanded by high-tech industries.

With over 150 years of experience, our engineering and quality teams will work with your staff to help ensure proper dimensioning prior to production.

Quality is not arbitrary at AMM.

What we do

Industry Experts,

Trusted & Certified.

Certified for the

most demanding

industries and markets

Advanced Metals Machining specializes in machining and processing AlBeMet, Titanium, Stainless, and Aluminum materials while satisfying customer close tolerance requirements.

About Us

For 20+ years AMM has constantly exceeded the most demanding customer’s specifications when machining and processing complex components and assemblies. Our facility is equipped with the most current and accurate machines for multi-axis milling, turning, temperature treatment, climate control, and air handling.

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