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Case Study #1

Hand Held Optical Structure

Customer: Northrop Grumman

Advanced Metals Machining worked with Northrop Grumman on a special Albemet optical product from early design through to large production runs. We were able to help in manufacturability to create a quality product at the lowest possible cost. This is just one of many examples of how we help our customers produce superior quality in a cost-effective manner.

Case Study #2

Heli-Coil Inspection Issues

Customer: All Customers

AMM install over 60,000 Heli-Coil inserts a year and as I’m sure your aware inserts can be installed incorrectly or not at all. This can be a bigger issue then you think since the inspection is primarily a visual one so inspectors can also miss Heli-Coils. It’s a problem that needed to be addressed.

Our challenge was to find a fast automated Heli-Coil inspection system so visual inspections would be eliminated. Well, there really isn’t one out there. CMMs are very slow and not very accurate in checking the depth of a Heli-Coil. So, AMM designed our own system that we call the Heli-Coil Checker (for now). We have also designed very accurate hand-held tools for the production process before it gets to the checker. Our system can check threaded studs to make sure they are there and precision pressed pins for height accuracy.  Our customers have not rejected a single part for Heli-Coil, studs or pins in the last two years.

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